mu2e_artdaq v1_00_04

Summary Description

mu2e_artdaq v1_00_04 was released on March 3, 2016. Differences in this version are as follows (in git-diff order):

  • Visual Studio project files have been added for ease-of-coding on Windows (though, of course, it will NOT build there)
  • Code has been reformatted
  • Updates for compatibility with new DTCLib::DTC::GetData which returns DTCLib::DTC_DataBlock (pointer + size struct) type instead of raw pointer type
  • Updates for compatibility with artdaq v1_12_15 (implementing pure virtual functions of CommandableFragmentGenerator)
  • Mu2eReceiver now supports reading in a file to the DTC memory and playing it back
  • Default qualifiers are now e9:s21:eth, using artdaq v1_12_15. e7:s15:eth is still supported.