Creating a release of mu2e_artdaq_core for Offline

All mu2e_artdaq packages use the gitflow workflow. (Details: Git_flow_quick_start)

The following steps should be taken when tagging a new release:

git clone ssh:// # -core mu2e_artdaq_core # For mu2e_artdaq-core
cd mu2e_artdaq #_core
git tag -l # Determine latest tag version, should be at the end of the list
LAST_TAG=`git tag -l|tail -1`
git diff $LAST_TAG # Use the magnitude of the changes between versions to select new version number (If and only if there are no changes, a letter may be appended/incremented to the current version number)
NEW_TAG= # next version number
git flow init # master for production releases, develop for new development, defaults for all other questions
git flow release start $NEW_TAG
vi ups/product_deps # Increment version number of package and update dependencies
git commit -am "Increment version number" 
git flow release finish $NEW_TAG # Use default message for merge commit, and generally label the tag "mu2e_artdaq $NEW_TAG" or similar
git push --all
git push --tags

Once the package is tagged, it can be built by any Jenkins project that depends on it, with appropriate manifest configuration.