Rough notes on what the structure of this site might look like.

  1. Offline Software
    1. Mu2e Offline
      1. How to use art
      2. Mu2e Dataproducts
    2. G4beamline
    3. MARS
    4. Grid Scripts
  2. Simulation (physics, not software)
  3. DAQ
  4. Database Support
  5. Detector Components
  6. Internal

Note that there is no place for results and papers since these will be in docdb and linked from the main web site.

Notes on this site


We have defined three user groups:

1. mu2e
2. mu2edeveloper
3. mu2emanager

All members of Mu2e are members of the mu2e group; this group has the "Reporter" role on most of the sub-projects; We will add people, as needed, to the mu2edeveloper group; this group has the "Developer" role on most of the sub-projects. For selected sub-projects, we can add individuals to the list of Developers; redmine is smart enough that if a person is authorized on a subproject as a Reporter, via membership in the group mu2e, and is also authorized as an individual as as a Developer, then that individual will have the union of these authorizations. A handful of people will be members of the mu2emanager and will be given the Manager role on all subprojects; for selected sub-projects, we can add individuals to the list of Managers.

As of 11/12/12 the managers are: Lynn Garren, Rob Kutschke and Andrei Gaponenko.

Reporters can edit wiki pages, view wiki pages, and view history; they can view issues, submit issues and comment issues. Developers can do all that a Reporter does plus they may "delete attachments" in the wiki, modify some properties of issues and they may commit code to the repository. Managers can do all of the above plus "Manage Wiki" "delete Pages" "Export pages" "Protect pages", "Rename Pages", change authorizations
and so on.

We do not use the Role "Group Acct" role which can only view pages and history but nothing else.

Adding People to Groups

Only selected people may add people to groups. Normally the list of people authorized to do so will be the same as the list of people in Mu2e Managers but this is actually a separate authorization. To add or remove a name from this list we must go through the Service Desk. If you are authorized to do so, you add/delete group members as:

1. log into redmine
2. click the "My account" link in the top right (black background) bar
3. in the top right of the white-background part of the page, there is a "Group" link. Click that to get to the groups whose membership you can manage.