Variables list

This is really preliminary and not to be taken too seriously yet. Feel free to contact me (Glenn) with comments or more information.

System Device #channels/unit #units monitor/control? DCS contact Comments
CMB monitor temperature, mon&control sipm voltage, current Sten U Hansen
FEB monitor temperature and power, control power
Controllers monitor temperature and power, control power
LV 48V power monitor temperature, current, temperature; control on/off Dave Huffman See Doc 6731
HV power monitor -- need to talk to someone (control via different system???)
SiPM HV 20 140 monitor (control?) V,I via mezzanine board Stefano Miscetti See doc 6747
LV power (similar to Cal HV)
WFD temperature...
Mezzanine 140 temperature....
Disks 2 radiation, temperature in 24 places
undefined - maybe HV, LV, temperature, grounding status monitor James P Miller
Target extinction
Matt Jones See Doc 6728
Read-only process controls info shared via OPC; power supply readout on ACNET (therefore accessible to IFBeamDB); quench detector (QD) status to be published somehow (maybe via OPC) Andy Hocker See Doc 6726
Ryan Rivera
Rack Prot
fans, temp, smoke det smoke det, air temp, fan speed ?? + Ryan? + Dave? + Glenn? Talk to Dave Huffman