Glossary of Detector Control System terms

This page has only Mu2e DCS-related terms. See also the Fermilab & Mu2e Acronyms page .

BBB BeagleBone Black An ARM-based single-board computer that runs linux
CSS Control System Studio Java Eclipse-based collection of tools for operating and monitoring a control system, including operator gui interface, alarm system, and data archiving.
CSS Cascading Style Sheet A web standard that has the same acronym as Control System Studio
DCS Detector Control System The control and monitoring system for the detector and other parts of the experiment -- see the design notebook for scope.
EPICS Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System A distributed soft real-time control system, providing the basic message passing, device and channel model, and controller softare, with many tools
IOC Input/Output Controller EPICS server for acquiring and providing channel data
synApps A collection of software tools that help or enhance EPICS, provided by Advanced Photon Source