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Stefan Mueller, 09/23/2019 10:24 AM

EPICS otsdaq controls dashboard

To use The controls dashboard plugin in the otsdaq desktop web page it is needed:
  • Install the plugin in the otsdaq machine
  • Configure the proper tables by the Configure panel from the otsdaq web page

To install the plugin

After the setup the environment, inside the srcs-directory, install the package using the command:

mrb gitCheckout -b develop -d otsdaq_epics

Then compile (on mu2edaq13!) with:

mrb z
mrb b

When a new package is installed it is better use 'mrb z' to remove previous building before compiling.

To configure the database

Using the browser, open the Configuration GUI on otsdaq desktop environment, click on
"Active context Tree-View"
and make sure to add and fill tables in your Active Context as the following (move your mouse over the corresponding fields and click the pencil-icon - often a drop-down-menu will appear, sometimes you have to add text by hand):


ConfigureDashboard DesktopIconTable

Clicking on the >>-icon next to LinkToApplicationTable opens a menu, select "Go-To Table View" and make sure the contents is similar to LinkToApplicationTable.


ConfigureDashboard XDAQApplicationPropertyTable


ConfigureDashboard XDAQApplicationTable


ConfigureDashboard XDAQContextTable