Mu2e Pilot System: mu2edaq01, 04-12

Mu2e Development Nodes: mu2edaq02 and 03

DTC Acceptance Nodes: mu2edaq13-17


Current Node Assignments

User development systems are listed [[]]

Node Name Current Assignment DTC Present DTC Firmware SERDES Card JTAG Notes
mu2edaq01 Gateway NO N/A N/A N/A Gateway machine. Shared Resource; not available for assignment
mu2edaq02 DTC/CFO FW Development YES Bleeding-Edge YES YES In Rick's office
mu2edaq03/dcsdev01 Permanently Offline NO N/A N/A N/A Failed motherboard?
mu2edaq04 Sync Demo (Jose) YES v0.1 (2018-10-31-16) (CFO) YES (8-card) NO
mu2edaq05 Sync Demo (Jose) YES v4.1 (2018-11-14-10) YES YES Has vivado_lab installed in /opt; connecting STM JTAG
mu2edaq06 Sync Demo (Jose) YES v4.1 (2018-11-14-10) YES YES
mu2edaq07 Vivian (Tracker work) YES v4.0 (2018-02-06-21) YES YES
mu2edaq08 CRV YES v4.0 (2018-02-06-21) YES (8-card) YES Currently in "Off-site" configuration with local logins. No -data network connectivity
mu2edaq09 Tracker NO N/Z N/A ???
mu2edaq10 Permanently Offline NO N/A N/A N/A Now mu2edaq01 due to failed motherboard
mu2edaq11 YES v4.0 (2018-02-06-21) YES (8-card) NO STM (Sophie), Calorimeter (Dariush), Yale-Trigger group (Giani)
mu2edaq12 DCS NO N/A N/A N/A DCS Testing
mu2edaq13 Builds/File Operations NO N/A N/A N/A NFS Server
mu2edaq14 Trigger (Giani) NO N/A N/A N/A
mu2edaq15 NO N/A N/A N/A
mu2edaq16 NO N/A N/A N/A
mu2edaq17 NO N/A N/A N/A

Port Forwarding and Web Proxy

mu2edaq01 is the only node in the cluster which is visible to the Lab network. To access ots instances running on the other nodes, there are two methods, described below.

HTTPS Web Proxy

The following ots instances are mapped to HTTPS and are available lab-wide:

Name Address Host ots port ARTDAQ Partition Number
Main mu2edaq05 2015 2
Wiz mu2edaq05 3015 3
Calo mu2edaq11 3025 4
STM mu2edaq11 3035 5
Trig mu2edaq14 3045 6
Hwdev mu2edaq05 3055 7
Tracker mu2edaq11 3065 8
Shift mu2edaq12 3075 N/A
CRV mu2edaq12 3085 9
DQMCalo mu2edaq11 3095 N/A
DCS mu2edaq11 5019 N/A
STMDBTest mu2edaq11 3040 N/A

Note that artdaq partition numbers are only assigned for registered ots instances. All others should pick a number not in this list for short-term testing, or reserve one on this page for long-term tests.

SSH Tunneling

Alternatively, if your destination is not in the above list or you are off-site without VPN, you can run an SSH tunnel to your desired ots instance:

ssh -N -L <port>:<target host>:<port> &

For example, to go to port 3065 on mu2edaq09:
ssh -N -L 3065:mu2edaq09:3065 &

Then, when connecting to ots, replace the hostname in the URL with localhost,e.g. http://localhost:3065/urn:xdaq-application:lid=200/