mrb beta v0_08_00

new features

  • mrb gitCheckout
    Usage: gitCheckout [-r] [-d destination_name] [-b branch] [-t tag] <gitRepositoryName>
      Clone a Git Repository to your development area. You should be in the srcs directory.
      By default, you will be on the HEAD.
         -r                    = clone a read-only copy
         -d <destination_name> = use this name instead of the default repository name
         -b <branch>           = git clone, and then git checkout this branch
         -t <tag>              = git clone, and then git checkout this tag
  • mrb svnCheckout has the same features
  • srcs/setEnv is no longer necessary
  • source mrb setEnv uses a script within mrb itself

bug fixes

  • Fix the handling of paths, such as LD_LIBRARY_PATH.