mrb beta v0_07_03

Visible Changes

  • attempt more informative gitCheckout informational messages
  • new command mrb updateDepsPV (uv)
  • update a product version (parent or dependency) in all ups/product_deps files in MRB_SOURCE
  • new command mrb changelog from Adam
  • You must be in a git repository when you issue this command
  • Displays a useful git log listing
  • default MRB_BUILDDIR is now build_<OS>.<platform> instead of just "build"

mrb newProduct recommendations

  • setup your working environment
  • cd $MRB_SOURCE
  • mrb newProduct myprod
  • mrb uv myprod <version>
  • mrb uv larsoft <version>
  • Yes, we are sorry, but newProduct still presumes larsoft. That will change in v0_08_00.

Underlying Changes

  • abstract some of the code into utility scripts
  • cmake fragments in MRB_SOURCE are now hidden
  • cmake is now used to create a mrb distribution
  • begin using MRB_DIR to find mrb utilities
  • cleanup the new product templates