mrb v1_04_01

New Features

mrb makePackage

  • create a distribution manifest when building the distribution tarballs
  • This feature is intended as an aid for the release maintainer
  • When creating a manifest for a release, be sure to specify -n <distribution_name>.
    Usage:  makePackage [options] [-- options for make]
      Make distribution tarballs for each product installed by this build
         -n <distribution_name> = the name for the manifest (e.g., uboone, lbne, ...)
             If unspecified, this defaults to MRB_PROJECT
         -v <version> = the version for the manifest (vx_y_z format)
             If unspecified, this defaults to MRB_PROJECT_VERSION
         -j <ncores> = pass along the -j flag to make for backwards compatibility
      -- signals the end of the options for makePackage
      For instance: mrb mp -m xyz -- -j4     

mrb updateSource

  • will update source code in the working branch for all svn or git repositories in $MRB_SOURCE
  • svn
    • svn update
  • git
    • git fetch
    • git merge