mrb v1_01_01

mrb may now be used to check package dependencies. In particular, if you checkout, say, lardata and make a change in a header file, you can check to see what other packages might be affected by your change.

As part of this, the larsoft package itself will contain a reference set of dependencies in releaseDB/base_dependency_database. The reference database is built when the release is tagged.

mrb newDev will copy $MRB_PROJECT/releaseDB/base_dependency_datbase into localProductsXXX if it can be found. Please note that mrb newDev looks for releaseDB in a ups product named $MRB_PROJECT or $MRB_PROJECTcode (i.e., it will look in uboonecode if $MRB_PROJECT is uboone). If you checkout larsoft (or uboonecode), mrbsetenv will look for and copy $MRB_SOURCE/larsoft/releaseDB/base_dependency_database (depending on how you set $MRB_PROJECT).

new mrb commands:
  • mrb makeDeps (md) - build a local database dependency based on your checked out source
  • mrb checkDeps (cd) - check for upstream dependencies
  • mrb pullDeps (pd) - check for upstream dependencies and check them out into $MRB_SOURCE

In order to get useful information, you should run mrb makeDeps AFTER you have done a build.

The larsoft base_dependency_database includes only the larsoft packages.