Current Releases

mrb v1_06_04

  • provide a more informative message if debug, opt, or prof is not found
  • mrb newDev now checks for debug, opt, or prof

mrb v1_06_03

  • add build directories to include path

mrb v1_06_02


mrb v1_06_01

  • add special cases for lariatfragments and lariatutil

mrb v1_06_00

  • add gallery_suite and critic_suite

mrb v1_05_07

  • If UPS_OVERRIDE is already defined, retain existing UPS_OVERRIDE definitions

mrb v1_05_06

  • If you use a dash when specifying the qualifiers for mrb newDev, the dash will be translated to the expected colon.

mrb v1_05_05

  • fix logic that defines paths when testing
  • define correct default fcl directory
  • check OS and set either LD_LIBRARY_PATH or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, but not both
  • update the product skeleton

mrb v1_05_04

  • improved handling of special case fhiclcpp

mrb v1_05_03

  • improve how mrb deals with product version qualifiers (e.g., s15)

mrb v1_05_02

  • clarify informational statement about optional setup

mrb v1_05_01

  • remove hidden files when calling mrb z
  • update the product skeleton

mrb v1_05_00

  • remove unused dependency_list from $MRB_SOURCE

mrb v1_04_05

  • define PERL5LIB

mrb v1_04_04

  • Bug fix for mrb newDev -p

mrb v1_04_03

mrb v1_04_02

mrb v1_04_01

mrb v1_03_05

mrb v1_03_04

mrb v1_03_02

mrb v1_03_00

mrb v1_01_01

mrb v1_00_00

Beta and Alpha releases