miser v7_54 release (2 comments)

Added by Lauri Carpenter almost 11 years ago

    - per bug noticed on req CD113107, do NOT include task/project managers
      for purchase req lines that are BLI=-1 (non-CD budget line items).
    - add link to CDPR MAINT SCREENS to front page
        - change energy_compliant "Yes" to "YES - GOLD", "YES - SILVER" and/or
      "YES - BRONZE".  Controlled via a configuration switch by
      adding EPEAT_YES_COLOR=0/1 to MISER_CONTROLS, control the yes/no
      behavior via that flag.  
    - release can be installed any time, as the behavior is controlled
      by the flag.  
      When ready to turn this feature on, two steps should be taken:
        1) sql> update miser_controls set EPEAT_YES_COLOR=1;
               sql> commit;
        2) $ setup [-qenv] miser_ora
           $ $MISER_ORA_DIR/bin/

    - add Debbie Vago to the script as a miser req preparer.

New MISER Release scheduled for 23 Feb 2010

Added by Lauri Carpenter about 11 years ago

On Tuesday 23 February we plan to upgrade the MISER
purchase request system.

This release includes the new role "Project_Overseer",
a manually-maintained role allowing for an additional
person (besides Project_Manager and/or Task_Manager) to
sign purchase reqs placed against a project.

Additionally, the minimum dollar threshold for signing
purchase requests has been changed so that it varies with
the "hat" being worn. That is, a person who is a
Project_Manager and a Task_Manager (and a group_leader)
may set different minimum dollar thresholds for each role.

Note that purchase requests which have been submitted before
the upgrade will not be aware of the Project_Overseer role.

The changes should be transparent to most users.

For more information, contact .


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