• To provide the necessary components for an electronic purchase requisition system within the Computing Division:
    o User interface for creating purchase requests
    o Workflow for electronic signature of existing purchase requests
    o Admin interface for submitting approved reqs to the lab's EBS system
    o Reporting and querying facilities
    o End-of-fiscal-year processing facilities
  • To answer helpdesk tickets and provide information on the use of these components.
  • To fix bugs that prevent these components from working properly, or to provide workaround solutions as needed.
  • To make improvements to the application (new reports, new required attachments, etc.) when such improvements are approved.

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Manager: Lauri Carpenter

Developer: Marc Mengel, Shirley Jones

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miser v7_54 release (2 comments)
Release scheduled 2010-Jun-29 08:00. No downtime needed.
Added by Lauri Carpenter over 8 years ago

New MISER Release scheduled for 23 Feb 2010
Added by Lauri Carpenter almost 9 years ago

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