All Things MINOS Simulation


Simulation of the NuMI flux is currently done using flugg (MINOS DocDB-6316)


GMINOS is a fortran77 Geant3 based simulation that uses ADAMO/ZEBRA for data storage. GMINOS is currently in the daikon series of releases. See the bottom of this page for the history of releases.

Building Daikon Releases

Running Jobs

linked page needs to describe: scripts in /grid/fermiapp/minos/sim/daikon_versions/daikon_scripts (CVS module gminos_jobs or daikon_scripts) especially and how to define config .py files.

HEPEVT files (also called StdHep)

StdHep is a scheme for exchanging event records. The linked page describes the structure of /HEPEVT/ and how it can be used.

POT Accounting

Keeping track of protons-on-target is an important part of the simulation; the the overall normalization needs to account for POTs per MC file produced (subrun).

Current Samples

Simulation of MINOS for MINERvA