What runs where

  • minos-daq20-nd : runs mbrp,brp & tp processes
  • minos-daq22-nd : runs rcServer, LI (Light Injection), daqautoclean, webstatus, collectThermal and watchDaq processes; VxWorks server at ND
  • minos-daq24-nd : runs rotorooter, dcp, dds, dbu, archiver, Producer_dispatcher, Server, daqautoclean, qolwatchdog processes
  • minos-daq26-nd : hot backup for above three
  • minos-daq22-nd : is the VxWorks boot server [any of the DAQ machines can serve this function. The MVME5500 Boot Parameters page shows how to do this.]
  • minos-gateway[00|01]-nd : Access to the PDUs and Cyclades serial servers, gateway to DAQ servers; runs VNC services
  • minos-daq0[1|3|5|7]-nd : Former DAQ servers, now obsolete
  • minos-dcs02-nd : The various DCS processes; minos-dcs-nd is an alias for the current production machine
  • minos-dcs03-nd : Hot backup for dcs01 (not currently configured)
  • minos-daq08-nd Runs the TPC Timing Process Controller (TimeGoblin, SpillServer, NTP)
  • minos-daq09-nd Hot backup for TPC machine daq08

Special devices

  • minos-pdu00-nd Power control for DAQ, DCS and gateways
  • minos-pdu01-nd Secondary power for above (most devices have dual power supplies)
  • minos-acs00-nd Console server for MVMEs and DAQ servers
  • fp-console VMware virtual Windows XP machine running on minos-dcs02-nd
Test Stand Computer at D0, 2nd floor computing room
  • minos-daq10-nd
  • minos-daq11-nd
  • minos-daq12-nd Only machine with 64 bit Linux installed
  • minostst
    Any of these four computers can access the /fnal/products/WindRiver area containing the
    VxWorks installation. As such, the VxWorks based readout code (including kernel) can only
    be compiled on these test stand machines.