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Fnu Nuruzzaman, 04/25/2017 10:38 AM

VNC on Minos Gateway Nodes

Running VNC on Minos Gateways

NB: to run Minos rcGUI offsite, you MUST use VNC!!

Running rcGui RunControl or OM OnlineMonitoring remotely over an X11 connection can often be painfully slow, and may not even work, depending on your connection speeds Using a VNC client allows on your local host connected to a fully functioning login session on any of the gateway nodes via a VNC server, results in greatly increased response time.

Set up a VNC session:

kinit username@FNAL.GOV

This will connect you to the server port number 5955. Get help about how to run the script and for more details type:

minosVNC help

Personal Port Numbers

Use personal port by doing

minosVNC <username>

e.g; for all the expert shifters

minosVNC minos


To make sure port numbers do not clash, here are some assignments:
Name port number <username>
Nuruzzaman 5951 nur
William Badgett 5952 badgett
Donatella Torretta 5953 torretta
Steve Hahn 5954 hahn
Minos/ Expert Shifter 5955 minos