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Version 8 (Stephen Hahn, 09/04/2018 10:21 AM) → Version 9/14 (Stephen Hahn, 09/04/2018 10:23 AM)

h1. 2018 Shutdown

h2. Near Detector

* Replace all rack rear filters; find new filters for LeCroy HV crates %{color:blue}(in progress)%

* Clean HV cards and backplane in rear of LeCroy HV crates %{color:red}(to do)%
# Also, test spares for correct operation %{color:red}(to do)%

* Magnet/Magnet Power Supply/LCW skid work:
%{color:green}(After long discussion with Dave Pushka, decided doing nothing was less risk than taking following actions, if MINERvA only runs to 2019)%
# Annual maintenance and repair; practice reversing polarity and improve HA (Walt Jaskierney)
# Drain and replace all water with distilled water
# While water is drained, replace flowmeter with flowmeter with stopcock
# While water is drained, replace filters (5) in large filter cylinder
# While water is drained, replace hand valve for DI bottle flow with one with finer control?

* Replace RPS unit for rack FEV5 and FEU9. Set jumpers correctly for FEU11. %{color:blue}(in progress)%

* Clean and improve MINOS DAQ rack A/C %{color:red}(to do)%

* Add new VMware Windows XP instance for video server readout of MINERvA cameras %{color:red}(to do)%

* Update the two MINOS Desktop computers to SLF 6.8 and put them on SLAM infrastructure %{color:red}(to do, talk to Bill Badgett)%