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Fnu Nuruzzaman, 06/22/2018 09:16 PM

2018 Shutdown

Near Detector

  • Replace all rack rear filters; find new filters for LeCroy HV crates
  • Clean HV cards and backplane in rear of LeCroy HV crates
  • Magnet/Magnet Power Supply/LCW skid work:
    1. Annual maintenance and repair; practice reversing polarity and improve HA (Walt Jieskerney)
    2. Drain and replace all water with distilled water (John Voirin)
    3. While water is drained, replace flowmeter with flowmeter with stopcock
    4. While water is drained, replace filters (5) in large filter cylinder
    5. While water is drained, replace hand valve for DI bottle flow with one with finer control?
  • Clean and improve MINOS DAQ rack A/C
  • Add new VMware Windows XP instance for video server readout of MINERvA cameras
  • Update the two MINOS Desktop computers to SLF 6.8 and put them on SLAM infrastructure