UNDERGROUND ACCESS: Underground Access rules for normal conditions

  • MINOS is now responsible for checking out keys.
  • Do not enter key checkouts in the Minos CRL.
  • Access rules are posted on the wall above the Access Key Logbook, and [at this web link|].
  • Key checkout procedures are [here|].
  • Use [FLUFFY|http://minos-om/cgi-bin/fluffy.cgi] to check the person's name and training status.
  • Also in the key box on the wall, there are two keys (A5BB19) that allow access to the MINOS Service Building on the surface but not to the underground. Underground training is not required for these keys. Anyone who needs one of these keys often should acquire their own key, via the usual process for obtaining PPD keys.
  • If someone needs immediate access or is giving you attitude, have them contact the Underground Coordinator: