Managing Minos Shifts via ECL

Adding a new shift period

Add a new shift period, and hit UPDATE before adding shifts.

Add shifts ( with name and days of week )
Then to each shift add a role of 'Control Room', with appropriate points.
Use a role of 'Soudan' for the Soudan shifts
We are using the names
  • Weekday Night
  • Weekday Day
  • Weekday Swing
  • Weekend Night
  • Weekend Day
  • Weekend Swing
  • Soudan

The X box by each shift allows you to delete the shift.
The + box by each shift allows you to copy/rename/modify the shift

Adding institutions

Add Institutions, with full and nick names.
Add contact information.
You can select the Representative from people affiliated with the institution.

To affiliate users with an institution
  • go to the Users link in the left frame
  • select a user
  • Set affiliation from the drop down list

Shift scheduling

Admins can override shifts from the Calendar page.
Click on the Shift Name in the shift header to get the edit page.

Pending issues

Need to send email when a swap request is issued - developers are aware of this.
Need to correct day-leadtime for shift reminder from 'username' to a number - a bug to be fixed in V3.4 ?
We requested a global policy for one or more advanced shift email reminders.
ECL developers are working toward providing 'bonus points' for special shifts.