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Jarek Nowak, 11/22/2013 01:19 PM

MINOS+ Remote Operation Centers (ROC's)

Remote Operation Centers provides the flexibility for the collaborators to take shifts remotely. To be a certified ROC one must fulfill the prerequisites documented in DocDB-9968-V1. This documentation provides a full explanation of the hardware and software requirements, a step by step installation procedure and how the certification process works.

Installation and Configuration


This wiki is intended to help the remote shifters to complete their daily tasks during shifts.

Communication protocol during shift transitions

Since remote shifts are different from shift performed at the Control Room, the hand-on and hand-off must be performed in a different way. This is a quick step by step guide of the protocol. A more detailed explanation about these steps can be found in DocDB 9842-v1.

Hand-on procedure

  • The oncoming remote shifter calls the current local (or remote) shifter before the end of the current shift to discuss the status of the experiment. It is strongly recommended that the oncoming shifter also checks the Logbook and the Memopad. (Ignore this step if there was no previous shift, but checking the Logbook and MemoPad before the start of the shift is strongly recommended and could avoid some problems.)
  • The oncoming remote shifter calls the MCR to inform that a remote shift is starting.
  • The oncoming remote shifter must add a note in the Logbook with the shifters name and the ROC informations (location and phone number).
  • The oncoming remote shifter must ensure that the remote shift contact information is prominently displayed in the MINOS+ Control Room.

Hand-off procedure

  • Oncoming local (or remote) shifter will call the current shifter (local or remote) before the end of the shift.
  • The current shifter must state in the logbook that the current remote shift has ended.
  • The current remote shift announce display must be removed from the MINOS+ Control Room display.

Shifter's commands

  • kinit: renew the Kerberos tickets
    • Command: ./rms kinit
  • service: start an RC or OM application
    • Command: ./rms service [om|rc] [near|far]
  • numimon: start the NuMIMon/JAS3
    • Command: ./rms numimon
  • announce: display a message on minos-om indicating that a remote shift is in progress
    • Command: ./rms announce [your name|kill]
    • Important to say that this will display a default message based on the name given on the command line and the number defined on the variable RMS_PHONE_NUMBER. The command will connect on minos-om and the message will be displayed via xmessage. The kill command will log in and remove the message.

List of certified ROC's

2013-05-27 ROC @ Goias Federal University of Goias +55 62 3521 1122 ext. 217 Stefano Tognini ()
2013-07-22 ROC @ Warsaw University of Warsaw +48 22 5532221 Katarzyna Krzelak ()
2013-09-25 ROC @ Warsaw Tufts University 617 627 4373 Tony Mann ()
shadow 11/22,25,27 ROC @ UMN Univ of Minnesota 612 624 4546
shadow 11/20,21 12/02 ROC @ W&M Univ of William and Mary 757 221 5485