Here is a list of known detector "features" and how to address some of them:

  • Far Detector RC frozen? And reconnection is impossible (permission denied for SSH tunnel)? Open a terminal and try minos-kinit. On the new RC machine, the command is /home/minos/opt/rms/rms kinit (24th March 2012)
  • Large number of BPM errors? This is what you do...
  • Does the timestamp in the Run Control not match the actual time (or the Run listed is a previous run to the run shown in the OM monitoring status canvases)? I encountered a problem where the machine running the run control GUI was behaving very sluggishly. After I tried to restart the RC GIU, the machine froze and I had to do a hard reboot. But, a more clever shifter might be able to find the process that was taking all the memory first (use top) and kill it from a command line without having to reboot the machine. In any case, to restart the GUI you can just kill it killing the window and then stopping and quitting the process using the RC GIU. You can click on the icon to restart the RC GIU on both machines.
  • Temperatures in Master crates above 92 F? This is known. Sometimes this happens in the summertime. We are working to get the threshold for "yellow" higher.
  • Chiller system gone into an HVAC alarm? When it is extremely cold outside at Soudan (which is frequently the case), if the surface temperature is below 20 F, then the HVAC alarm is not an issue and DO NOT call the Soudan crew. Below 20 F, an air cooling system is used. Note, this only applies to HVAC alarms. Other Chiller alarms should be reported.
  • ND OM monitor freezing intermittently? Fix this by restarting the Dispatcher and OM server from the ND run control station. See pulldown menu.
  • FD OM monitot totally frozen? During the MINOS FD OM checklist, made the plot Producer/Checklist plots/Charge Injection/CI Gain - 1D. When right-clicking on the plot in an attempt to put the y-axis in log form, another window opened, and the computer froze (except for the clocks) and was unresponsive to mouse or keyboard clicks. We killed several processes using an ssh window from a different machine and function was restored. This was not caused by memory saturation. This would be a good thing to address when we are shutdown to change targets.
  • Can't see anything on the event displays? You can try this case it may take some time for the event display to refresh. Click 'FreeRunning' to display events as they happen, and click 'NextPass' to get the display underway.

A plot showing several problems.

Here you can see a PMT with a low rate, a PMT with a high rate, and a dead channel. Can you find the dead channel?

Additional Features

  • Crate 4 in the TRC-PPS Time plot is now being used to compare 2 GPS units instead of being used to check the stability of the timing. It is therefore not expected to be flat but should vary within a range of about 1000 TDC - and may have wider excursions depending on fiber work at Soudan. Crate 2 should be flat as normal.