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Bob Zwaska, 12/14/2011 09:13 AM

Minos Control Room Memo Pad


Last Modified 2011 Oct 18 12:21 CDT

Shifts may not seem like a glory job, but the quality of the data (hence analysis) depends on them.

Why are you here? To accomplish the goals related to YOUR SHIFT

NEW SHIFT REQUIREMENT All shifters must contact the Main Control Room at the beginning of their shift (x3721)

Reload this page at the beginning of your shift. Can you edit this wiki? If not, see below for instructions. This memopad is meant to be a repository for Things Shift Should Know Today. The memopad is less comprehensive and detailed than the shifter guide and more permanent than the stream of things in the CRL . For issue tracking please still make JIRA entries, but if there's an open issue which the next shifter will bump into, make a note about it here.

Attention: If the beam will be down for more than 30 minutes during normal work hours (M-F), call SOUDAN to let them know (218)753-2909

Stuff you want other shifters to know, put here! A persistently dead channel? Some expert asked you to keep an eye on some number? Links to useful instructions? Something in this page which no longer applies? Edit away! This is now a RedMine wiki, edit with your Fermilab Services account. See the bottom of the MemoPad for details.

Run Configuration:

  • L010185N ( for the BeamCheckList form ) *
  • We are currently running in the FORWARD horn current configuration.
  • The Far Detector magnetic field is currently FORWARD. If the DCS page does not agree, then this is a Major Problem.
  • The Near Detector magnetic field is currently FORWARD. If the DCS page does not agree, then this is a Major Problem.


  • You must have underground training. If you don't, go to the ES&H website to see if you can take the test online. If this can't happen, you must notify a run coordinator.
  • If you notice a hot channel in the SGATE or COSMIC hitmap, you must do the following:
    • Take screenshots of CAPID errors, mean max and min QIE singles rates, and SGATE hitmap.
    • Post these in the MINOS logbook.
    • Email the run coordinator indicating a hot channel and attach these plots to the email.


  • The RPS status for near detector is showing warning for Rack 2. This is a problem with humidity sensor. It is being worked on.
  • The beam checklist doesn't reflect the reality of MINERvA in the control room. MINERvA puts the beam plots in the NuMI beamline log every shift. We are required to do a 24 hour 0800 to 0800 set of shift plots every day shift and put them only in the MINOS log. The checklist should be updated accordingly.
  • Several BPMs on the BDP GUI regularly go orange (HP112, VP113, ...). This is a known issue where not all of the batches follow the same trajectory down the NuMI primary line, and a few might exceed the limits at intermediate locations. Almost always, the beam is iin a good position at the target. Ignore this issue unless the devices go red (sustained problems) or the target position starts to vary (visible in JAS or as HPTGT, VPTGT).
  • MINOS-OM can be run by clicking on it's icon. This should immediately open the OM window, bypassing the connectivity window.
  • MINOS-OM froze under the following circumstance: During the MINOS FD OM checklist, made the plot Producer/Checklist plots/Charge Injection/CI Gain - 1D. When right-clicking on the plot in an attempt to put the y-axis in log form, another window opened, and the computer froze (except for the clocks) and was unresponsive to mouse or keyboard clicks. We killed several processes using an ssh window from a different machine and function was restored. This was not caused by memory saturation. This would be a good thing to address when we are shutdown to change targets.

The MINERvA Shifter

  • If you need to stop a run for an extended period of time, the MINERvA shifter needs to be informed when you stop and restart a run. Where is the MINERvA shifter? You can find out here

FD errors:

ND errors:

  • Questionable state of PMT 4-20.

Less important notes for the shifters:

  • The run control GUIs show time to the "Next Gain". During a "GainCAL" the LI system will spend a long time flashing (a "weekend", for the far detector).
  • There is a wiki for RMS (ReMote Station) [[]]
  • MINOS and MINERvA are now co-located in the control room. This is intentional for efficiency, communications, and redundancy purposes. Make sure you realize these gains (e.g. talk to the MINERvA shifter).
  • The control room does not have housekeeping. Do not leave food, documents, and whatnot behind after your shift. Clean up after yourself.

Editing this wiki

You as a shifter can and should keep this page up to date. Here's how:
  1. click on "Sign in" on this page ( upper right ). Use your Fermilab services username/password.
  2. click on "edit" in this page. If there is no edit option for your account, email minoscrl-admin.
  3. Update the "last modified" date at the top of this page whenever you make a change.