ACNET: The Java ACNET Console

  • You can get remote readonly access to ACNET consoles at
  • You will need to click on the PC box in the upper left to get a window that includes 44-Lumberjack Plots.
  • Alternatively, position your cursor at the top left hand corner of any of the PA, PB, PC windows, and type "D44" and hit enter
  • Click on Lumberjack Plotter, then click on E_760 to change the Data Source to Numi.
  • Change the mode from User to Node if necessary, just to the left of Recall.
  • Unfortunately, not all data items will be plotted, due to defects in color support.
  • If you are behind an HTTP proxy you must set the env var: {{JAVA_OPTIONS='-Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=3128'}}
    • You can also run "javaws" w/no args and enter proxy information.
    • The Java files appear to be 403 Forbidden for non clients. You can use a SOCKS proxy to an SSH tunnel that pops out on

As of 2011/9/9 the D44 page does not match what the shift manual says. There is no apparent way to make the beam plots.

Attached is a picture of D44. Change the Data Source to NuMI (red ellipse), make sure that the green ellipse says "Node" - if it says anything else, click on it and select "Node", then select Recall (magenta ellipse), and select the shift plot of your choice.