Computing plans for the 2012/13 shutdown

Partial list of computing-related shutdown tasks :

    • UTC timezone
    • Retire remaining use of AFS in the Control Room ( minos-om, event display )
    • Migrate JAS functionality to AD supported Synoptic
    • Update all control room software to be based on RMS
      • add Event Display
    • Move Data Quality and similar tasks to offline
    • Restructure software installation so that all Control Room systems
      are equivalent, for redundancy and reduced maintenance cost.
    • Until we move to the XOC :
      • Get badge based lock installed on Control Room for use during the shutdown.
      • Isolate control room computer power from surrounding rooms.
    • Replace all control room computers (if not already done)
      • The present systems are years out of warranty, and difficult to maintain.
        • minos-acnet/evd/om/rc
      • Fermilab should provide a new minos-dcs / fpconsole
        • Presently a UMN system
        • Change from XP to SLF6, now that Labview is supported
      • Upgrade to SLF 6
    • Correct minos/e875 UID/GID values
      Official acnet evd om rc beamdata beamdata2
      2646/5111 500/500 500/5111 500/500 500/100 500/5111 2646:2646
  • Replace all DAQ computers
    • 4u -> 1u
    • fewer hosts when we are free of PVIC
  • Configure all CR and DAQ computers to use UTC
    • Local time is still available for local logins
  • Disable all incoming protocols at the DAQ/DCS firewalls, including ping.
  • Update data archivers to use gridFTP or NFS 4.1