Getting started with a fresh installation

Software Download

Download for developers

git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/midas-daq

Developers can commit changes to the repository.
  • Developers need a Fermilab kerberos and services account.
  • Developers must login to Fermilab Redmine with their services account before they can be added as a developer on a project.
  • Then the developer needs to be added to the MIDAS DAQ project by one managers in the developer role. A manager has the manager role in Fermilab Redmine.

Download for non-developers

git clone

Build Instructions

Follow the instructions in midas-daq/AAAREADME.

To Start DAQ after it's been off or if it's crashed:

go to midas-daq:




cd /daq/bin
sh start
cd ../../online/
load recovery***.odb

choose the most recent recovery ODB to load.