To use the artdaq_mfextensions package, follow the following steps:

  1. Install the artdaq-demo using the instructions here
  2. Checkout the feature/mfextensions-demo branch of artdaq-demo:
      cd artdaq-demo
      git checkout feature/mfextensions-demo
      cd ..
      source setupARTDAQDEMO
  3. Clone the mf-extensions-git repository into your artdaq-demo-base directory and build the package:
      git clone artdaq-mfextensions
      mkdir build_mfextensions
      source setupARTDAQDEMO
      cd ../build_mfextensions
      source ../artdaq-mfextensions/ups/setup_for_development -p
      buildtool -ciI ../products
  4. Run the demo system, following the instructions here

After running, the ARTDAQ Message Viewer window should appear. Make sure that port 30000 is open in your firewall (if you have one), and when you run the commands, messages should appear in the viewer window.

19-Aug-2015, KAB - a couple of notes
  • Version 1.0.1 uses an updated version of Qt (v5_4_2). This fixes problems in using system Qt files rather than ones in the UPS product.
  • On some SLF systems, we may need to 'yum install mesa-libGL-devel' to get the GL/gl.h header file in order to build artdaq-mfextensions.

Release Notes