1.2 Second Ramp studies

Added by Kevin Martin over 4 years ago

When the first 1.2s $2A ramp was tried, MECAR ramped to around 4000A and then tripped off with a No Current Halt. We determined that the PS were not ramping up as they should have.

I remembered that some of the Real Time Events in MECAR have negative time offsets. Upon checking I realized that the Bend Bus Anticipation Event Offset was set to -50mSec. Because the initial DC section of the ramp has been shortened from 80mSec to 42mSec this means the this event doesn't even occur. This is bad.

As a test I shortened the Bend Bus Anticipation Event Offset to -40mSec. This seems to be working.

The quad bus's Anticipation Event Offset had a similar but opposite problem. The Quad Bus Anticipation Event Offsets were set to 69mSec. Because the PS are ramping earlier this was causing the Quad Bus Tier 0 to not turn on in time. I have set the Horz and Vert Anticipation Event Offsets to 10mSec. This seems to be working.

MECAR Redmine Project

Added by Kevin Martin over 6 years ago

From this point on Redmine will be used for tracking and documenting any changes that need to be made in MECAR's software. This includes bug fixes and feature additions. Also to be included in Redmine are various technical and reference documentation for the MECAR project.


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