maaws -- Monitoring As A Web Service

The goal of this project is to setup a central repository of rrd files and possibly other data
types to allow flexible monitoring of complex systems like batch systems etc.
The architecture is as follows:

  • Repository -- a directory tree of rrd files containing time-series data
    from various sources
  • Filer -- the file_in_rrd script is availble on the repository web server,
    and various entities can HTTP POST data updates to it with tools like
  • Slurper -- various slurper scripts exist to pull data from
    • net-snmp
    • condor
    • df
  • Viewer -- various viewer scripts and html pages exist to
    provide a browsable view of the whole repository, and to
    provide at a glance views of condor systems.

The current systmem is currently on fifemondata
and a "batch monitoring: is available.