The goal of this project is to identify physics processes that are of particular interest for experiments based on liquid Argon TPC technology. For this we will provide a set of tests that can be used to simulate the processes and establish how well these are described by the Geant4 simulation. The tests will have the necessary hooks to vary parameters of interest like choice of physics lists, step length limits, parallel geometries etc. The results of this test will provide guidance about how to set up Geant4 in an optimal way (geometry, physics list, cuts...). The processes we plan to look into are:

  • hadronic cross section (elastic, inelastic (inelastic sub process)) for K+/-,pi+/-,p,n
  • response to muons (matching the step length to the wire pitch), mu+ mu- separation by identifying muon capture processes only allowed by mu-
  • profiles of electromagnetic showers (shape: Molier radius RM, radiation length z0, etc.). e+/- gamma separation.
  • investigate if sign of charged pions can be distinguished by identifying neutrons from nuclear capture of negative pions.
  • DE/dx and particle ID.
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