Working session Jan 11 2017

  1. Problems with run-halt-run (re-starting after a pause or halt).
  2. Configuration philosophy: I'm expanding from 2 board readers to 4. Should I just increase everything that I have 2 of to make 4 of them in the config? I'm sure I need to for some tables like FEInterfaceConfiguration, but maybe not others? I'm wondering about ones like ARTDataManager0/1, ARTEventBuilder and ARTAggregator mostly
  3. Specific config bugs/oddities. When I was expanding from. For instance in the DataManager table configuration, when I initially added the 3rd & 4th rows, it wouldn't let me select (from a drop down menu) a type for the LinkToDataBufferConfiguration column. But today, when I went back to look up the column name to write this message, it works. Similarly on the same column name for DataManagerSupervisorConfiguration table. Same thing with the LinkToSupervisorConfiguration column of XDAQApplication table.
  4. General root file creation programming help
  5. Help interpreting ART Root files. Where are the various art:: classes defined that appear in the Artdaq.root file? How can that file be useful?
  6. Questions about byte-ordering and the otsdaq/artdaq philosophy of that in general. For instance, one bit of code I was using made the effort to convert all its data with htonl(), only to have it get to otsdaq on our x86-based computer and be in the wrong order.
  7. Install/move everything we have on vclx6 to our other more permanent machine(s) addaq1/2.