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Design notes and metrics of LBNE detectors and data

FD: 10 kt underground 80 APA design, 3.45m drift

  • TPC Channel Count: 204,800
  • PD Channel Count: 800
  • ADC sampling rate: 2 MHz
  • Drift velocity: 1.6 mm/usec
  • ADC samples per drift window: 4312 (+ some for cosmics)
  • Total raw data per drift window (16 bits/channel/sample): 1.8 GBytes
    plus photon data plus extra readout before and after drift window,
    let's call it 2 GB.
  • Zero-suppressed beam neutrino scattering event: 10 MBytes, without noise
    Assume similar for atmospheric neutrinos and cosmogenics.
    Surface events are ~300 Mbytes but have ~100 cosmics on them.
  • We can always dial our zero-suppression thresholds down to the point
    where we collect 39Ar decay data and other radiologicals, but we
    only want a fraction of that data.
  • Beam events: LBNE ME row of Table 4.1 of DocDB 8087
    19318 (=numu osc + nue_beam + numu_NC + nutau + nue CC osc largest option)
    in 50 kt years, scale down by factor of 5 for 10 kT and get: 4K events/yr in 10 kt.
  • Atmospheric neutrinos: Table 4.11 in DocDB 8087
    28769 interactions in 100 kt-years: 3K events/yr in 10 kt
  • ND, about 100 kbytes/spill, for 80% uptime: 2.4 TB/year.

Earlier mail from Tom (10/18/13) mentioned 100MB per event in the surface option (just for reference).

Assuming 30MB per event (for the 34t), we still end up with 1PB per year.