LBNE Software Releases

LBNE software releases are codified by a tag on the "lbne-software-worch" repository as described in the topic Software_Installation_From_Source.

Recommended Versions

Below lists the currently recommended LBNE release tags for each suite with links to any associated issues.

LArSoft Suite

All available versions

You can see all versions at:

To see all past versions you may need to click "Show completed versions" on the RHS side bar or expand the "Complete versions" list there.

More info on versions

The status of a version determines what is allowed w.r.t. issues:

  • open: no restriction (default)
  • locked: can not assign new issues to the version
  • closed: can not assign new issues and can not reopen assigned issues

When a newer build-N version is made available any older ones will be "closed". The most recent should be "open".