Software Infrastructure

LBNE UPS Product Area on Fermilab Interactive Computing

At Fermilab, the interactive computing utilizes a common area for supplying versioned installations of software packages through UPS. This UPS area is located on a NFS mounted BlueArc volume that is shared with many experiments at Fermilab. The LBNE UPS are can be found at


The current implementation of UPS products uses a directory structure and layout that isn't easily amenable to relocation. So in an effort to make utilization more convenient for collaborators not located at Fermilab, we will transition to the newer layout. Below is a list of all products that were located in the /grid/fermiapp/products/lbne area before the transition, the version(s) of the products that were installed, and the version(s) that will be installed after the transition.

Setup of the new LBNE UPS product area:

In order to configure the shell environment to properly access the installed products in the LBNE UPS area, you should use the follow command:

source /grid/fermiapp/products/lbne/setup

In an effort to minimize the disruption for users that have been using the older layout, a symbolic link has been created that redirects the old and setups.csh scripts to point at /grid/fermiapp/products/lbne/setup script. To get a list of the products available in this LBNE UPS product area (note that if you have previously configured other UPS product areas in your shell, the command gives you a list of all product areas configured) issue the two commands:

source /grid/fermiapp/products/lbne/setup
ups list -aK+

If there are products that you need to utilize for development, please contact the LBNE S&C Distribution group ( and ). Full documentation on UPS is available here

Setup of the Common Fermilab UPS product area:

Similar to the LBNE UPS product area, there is a centralized UPS area for Fermilab products that are common to a large number of experiments at Fermilab. The Common Fermilab UPS product area can be setup using the following command:

source /grid/fermiapp/products/common/etc/setup

Note that when setting up more than one UPS product area, the order in which the product areas are initialized is important and determines which location of a given product is used for execution. You can examine the UPS product areas configured in your shell by issuing:


The first UPS area listed will be the first location scanned when trying to initialize a specific product, and then ups continues through the list of area. To setup job submission tools, you need to issue the command:

setup jobsub_tools

If desired, you can specify a version of jobsub_tools, but in general it is best practice to utilize the version that is declared "current". You can list all of the installed versions of jobsub_tools by issuing the command:

ups list -aK+ jobsub_tools

Table of old products

Product old versions flavor current? new versions
bash v2_03 Linux+2 current gone
CafCondor v3_1_9 Linux+2.6 current gone
CafCondorConfig v3_1_9 NULL current - gone
cern 2006b Linux64bit+2.6-2.5 current - gone
clhep v2_0_4_6 Linux64bit+2.6 replace v2_1_3_1
clhepsource v2_0_4_6 NULL gone
condor v7_4_2 Linux+2.6 current gone
coreFUE v1_0 Linux+2 current gone
encp v3_11 Linux+2.6-2.5 current gone
encp v3_11 Linux+2.6-2.5 x86_64 gone
fileinfo v1_3 Linux+2.4 current gone
FileTransferService v3_10 NULL keep?
FileTransferService v3_8_1 NULL keep?
flpr v1_12 Linux+2 current gone
fullFUE v1_0 NULL current gone
futil v6_0 NULL current gone
gcc v3_4_3 Linux+2.6 gone
gcc v4_6_1 Linux64bit+2.6-2.5 gone
gdb v5_2_1 Linux+2.4 gone
gdb v6_0_sss Linux+2 gone
geant4 v4_9_2_p03 Linux+2.6 g77-OpenGL keep
geant4 v4_9_3_p01 Linux+2.6 g77-OpenGL replace w 4_9_6_p02: gcc 4.8.1
geant4source v4_9_2_p03 NULL g77 gone
geant4source v4_9_3_p01 NULL g77 gone
ifdhc v0_3 Linux64bit+2.6-2.5 current gone
Info v1_6 NULL current gone
jobsub_tools v0_3 Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v0_4 Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1 Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1a Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1b Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1c Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1d Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1e Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1f Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1h Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1i Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1j Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1k Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1n Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1o Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1p Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1q Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1r Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1s Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1t Linux+2 gone
jobsub_tools v1_1u Linux+2 current gone
krb5_libs v1_0_sl4 Linux current gone
omniORB v4_1_6 Linux64bit+2.6-2.5 keep?
pacman v2_116_1 NULL current gone
perl v5_8 Linux+2 current gone
perl v5_8 Linux+2.4 current? gone
pyOpenSSL v0_13_py27 Linux64bit+2.6-2.12 gone
python v2_1 Linux+2.4 current gone
python v2_4_5 Linux+2 current gone
python v2_7_3 Linux64bit+2.6-2.12 current replace with v2_7_6
root v5_26_00 Linux+2.6 GCC_3_4_6 gone
root v5_32_00 Linux+2.6-2.5 gone
root v5_32_00 Linux64bit+2.6-2.5 keep and add v5_34_18
sam v8_8_4 Linux+2 current gone
sam v9_0_0 Linux64bit+2.6-2.5 current gone
sam v9_0_3 Linux64bit+2.6-2.5 keep?
sam_bootstrap v8_2_4 NULL current gone
sam_config v7_1_7 NULL current gone
sam_config v7_1_7 NULL current keep?
sam_cp v8_1 NULL current keep?
sam_cp_config v7_0 NULL current keep?
sam_dcache_cp v7_2 NULL current keep?
sam_encp v7_1 NULL current keep?
sam_gridftp v2_1_2 NULL current keep?
sam_gsi_config v2_3_3 NULL current keep?
sam_idl_cpplib v8_8_2 Linux64bit+2.6-2.5 keep?
sam_kerberos_rcp v4_0_11 NULL current keep?
sam_ns_ior v7_2_3 NULL current keep?
sam_station v8_8_39 Linux64bit+2.6-2.5 keep?
sam_web_client v1_3 NULL keep?
samgrid_batch_adapter v7_2_7 NULL keep?
setpath v1_11 NULL current gone
shells v3_1 NULL current gone
srmTools v1_1 Linux current keep?
stock v1_1 NULL current gone
subm v1_2 Linux+2 current keep?
tcsh v6_09 Linux+2.4 current gone
telephone v5_3 NULL current gone
totalview v8_0_1 Linux+2 gone
twisted v12_2 Linux64bit+2 gone
twisted v13_1 Linux64bit+2 gone
twisted_python v11_0 NULL gone
upd v4_7_2 NULL gone
upd v4_7_4a NULL current replace with v5_0_1
ups v4_7_2 Linux+2 gone
ups v4_7_4a Linux+2 gone
ups v4_9_6 Linux+2 replace with v5_1_2
vdt v1_1_14_13 Linux current gone