Interactive Computing Resources


Fermilab hosts ten general-purpose login nodes for LBNE use. The table below lists their characteristics. Information
dated May 30, 2014.

Node Name OS Version CPU Cores RAM Swap SLF 6.6 4 12 GB 2 GB SLF 6.6 4 12 GB 2 GB SLF 6.6 4 12 GB 2 GB SLF 6.6 4 12 GB 2 GB SLF 6.6 4 12 GB 2 GB SLF 6.6 4 12 GB 2 GB SLF 6.6 4 12 GB 2 GB SLF 6.6 4 12 GB 2 GB SLF 6.6 4 12 GB 2 GB SLF 6.6 4 12 GB 2 GB

Instructions for getting accounts:

Newer instructions (the above will be deprecated):

The interactive computers listed above have mount points for Fermilab's BlueArc storage -- /lbne/data, /lbne/data2, /lbne/app, and shared software mount points such as /grid/fermiapp. /lbne/app and /grid/fermiapp have a small number (5 to 7) of daily snapshots -- look in /lbne/app/.snapshot and /grid/fermiapp/.snapshot, which are useful in recovering accidentally deleted files.
The interactive computers also have /pnfs/lbne mounted which allows ls access to files in dCache but not other kinds of access -- use ifdh and xrootd to write/read files in dCache. Instructions are available here: Using_LBNE_dCache_Scratch_Space_at_Fermilab.

Node has been setup to look like a Fermigrid worker node, but with Bluearc disks mounted. This is a good place to test batch jobs for OSG readiness and for cleanliness in using ifdh cp for all file access. Everyone with a gpsn01 account should be able to log in there.

Task-specific resources:

We also have, a one-core machine running SLF 6.2, designated for use by the daq/online group. is for batch system setup and not for general use -- see the getting started info above. We are migrating away from using is the one remaining node of FNALU, and has very limited resources. You can try logging in to if you have your Kerberos principal and your FNALU account but not yet your LBNE interactive account, to see if you have a home area and to try out Kerberos logins.

Old GPU-enabled nodes (archive documentation).





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