Ride Sharing

To save on the cost of cars, this page collects information on those that need or can provide a ride between airport and hotel.


  • If you have a car and can offer a ride fill in a line in the section "Have a car" table below. Include the number of empty seats.
  • If you need a ride fill in a line in the section "Need a ride"
  • As a ride is found, edit/remove the persons line in the "Need a ride" table and add you initials to the "Have a car" line and decrement the number of available seats.

Have a car

Driver Arrival Airport and Time Departure Airport and Time Hotel seats coming seats leaving
Kettell BWI, 19:30 May 11 BWI, 19:45, May 15 Hilton 1/6 0/6
Thorn BWI, 19:30 May 11 BWI, 10:10, May 14 Hilton 2/4 2/4
Fuess IAD/Dulles 11:30 May 12 IAD/Dulles 19:15, May 15 Hilton 1/4 (compact) 1/4
Convery IAD/Dulles 18:07 May 11 IAD/Dulles 17:55, May 15 Hilton Norm, Bob-1 left Bob -2 left

Need a ride

Passenger From To When Flight
Jon Urheim IAD/Dulles Hilton 5/11 arr. 20:57 UA3729
Mike Kirby DCA Hilton 5/11 arr. 17:00 UA1145
David Adams BWI Hilton 5/12 19:30 SW 461
Eileen Berman Reagan Airport Hilton 5/12 15:30 UA 612
Laura Fields DCA Hilton 5/11 arr 18:00 UA1405
Zelimir Djurcic DCA Hilton 5/11 arr 21:11 DL1091
Norm Buchanan Hilton IAD/Dulles 5/13 for 06:05 flight ?
Jon Urheim Hilton IAD/Dulles 5/14 for 12:18 flight UA5993
Eileen Berman Hilton Reagan Airport 5/15 for 19:05 flight UA 1653
Mike Kirby Hilton DCA 5/15 for 17:45 flight UA627
Laura Fields Hilton DCA 5/14 for 20:00 flight UA1738
Zelimir Djurcic Hilton DCA 5/15 for 18:00 flight
Bob Wilson IAD/Dulles Hilton 5/11 arr. 17:50 - w/ Mark UA1628
Norm Buchanan IAD/Dulles Hilton 5/11 arr. 18:00- w/ Mark SW
Bob Wilson Hilton IAD/Dulles 5/15 for 17:46 flight - w/ Mark UA1085