GIT repository

To check out things from the repository you will need a Fermilab services account and a Fermilab kerberos account:

If you don't have them, go to [[]] and follow directions.

Once you have an account, go to [[]], register (button in upper right corner), and/or sign in to redmine.

Once you are able to sign into redmine, send Geoffrey Mills () a message that you would like access to the repository and he can add you to the list. Once authenticated:

-To view the contents:

click on the "Repository tab":[[]]

-To check out the complete contents on Unix or MacOS:

kinit <username>@FNAL.GOV
git clone ssh://

G. Mills September 11, 2012

Some web page that explains how to setup and use git repositories on redmine:

There is also a great (and free for us non-commercial efforts) git GUI interface for Mac's, PC's and Unix boxes:

More on git repositories

If you want to view it:

Some quick start commands:

1. To create a clone of it on your laptop (I.e. Check it out of the repository):

kinit <your principle>@FNAL.GOV
git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/lbne-muon

That will create a local directory "lbne-muon" which currently contains a README file.

2. Then optionally make an "alias" for the repository like "fnal-readmine" (instead of typing "ssh:///cvs/projects/lbne-muon" all the time:

cd lbne-muon
git remote add fnal-redmine ssh:///cvs/projects/lbne-muon

3. Then add new files to the directory and do:

cp <myfiles....> .
git add fnal-redmine .
git commit

That will put them and any changes into your the local repository (the current directory you are in).

4. You then have to "push" them to the redmine site "ssh:///cvs/projects/lbne-muon". That allows other people to "pull" your changes from the redmine repository.

git push

Or alternatively

git push fnal-redmine


git push ssh:///cvs/projects/lbne-muon

All of the above commands push your changes to the redmine site

5. More information:

The git users manual is here:

A tutorial is here: