GIT repository

To check out things from the repository you will need a Fermilab services account and a Fermilab kerberos account:

If you don't have them, go to [[]] and follow directions.

Once you have an account, go to [[]], register (button in upper right corner), and/or sign in to redmine.

Once you are able to sign into redmine, send Geoffrey Mills () or Alysia Marino () a message that you would like access to the repository and he/she can add you to the list. Once authenticated:

-To view the contents:

click on the "Repository tab":[[]]

-To check out the complete contents on Unix or MacOS:

kinit <username>@FNAL.GOV
git clone ssh://

G. Mills September 11, 2012

Some web page that explains how to setup and use git repositories on redmine:

There is also a great (and free for us non-commercial efforts) git GUI interface for Mac's, PC's and Unix boxes: