Create Repository, Create Local Area and Checkout

Oct 12 & 15, 2012 (Anne)

Created this repository per
Waited for cron job to run to actually create it.
Have files in a local temp directory (parallel to the eventual 'lbne-india' directory), import from there.

Steps (taken from my lbnecdr wiki, May 16 2012)
$ cd Documents/LBNE-local/svn/redmine/temp <---- this is where I had a local copy of the stuff to import to the new repository
$ svn import -m "initial import" . svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/lbne-india
Then got out of old dir, into new, and checked out copy (the checkout will create the lbne-india directory underneath redmine)
$ cd ../redmine
$ svn checkout svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/lbne-india

Create Build Area for Auto-Build

$ ssh /
<gpvmslftest1> cd /afs/
<gpvmslftest1> svn checkout svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/lbne-india
<gpvmslftest1> crontab -e (edit to add new cronjob; looks like:)
<gpvmslftest1> crontab -l
/10 * * * * /afs/
/10 * * * * /afs/

Set permissions on build-india-redmine
<gpvmslftest1> chmod 755

Now wait and see if 'build' directory gets created.