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Thomas Dealtry, 03/06/2015 03:44 AM

Using the hardware emulator system

Penn emulator

It's recommended to have 3 terminals open, but of course you can use just one & leave processes running in the background.

  1. Specify your setup options in PennReceiver0.fcl
  2. Start the python emulator (terminal 1)
    After sourcing setupLBNEARTDAQ, run:
    python `which`

    A port option exists if the default 9999 is taken.
    A host option also exists, to start the emulator on another machine (e.g. on lbnedaq3 from the gateway) but this is untested
  3. Start the Penn system (terminal 2)
    After sourcing setupLBNEARTDAQ, run:
  4. Run the Penn system (terminal 3)
    After sourcing setupLBNEARTDAQ, use the to control the system. See Running a sample artdaq-demo system for details on manage*.sh script options.
    You might want to add the following function to your .bashrc
    function managepenn { -v init; -N 101 start;
        sleep $1; stop; shutdown;
Note that you can also use lbnerc to control the Penn. Things to remember (assuming you're on lbne35t-gateway01):
  • Specify your configuration in /data/lbnedaq/config/penn_emulator/penn01_hw_cfg.fcl (or make your own!). Remember to 'git commit' before using the new/modified configuration.
  • Remember to do step 2 (start the Penn system) on the correct machine. (This is currently lbnedaq3)
    h2. Running multiple emulators together