Working with the LBNE DAQ machine:

This virtual machine (VM) is designed to be a platform where LBNE DAQ developers can easily get started working with LBNE DAQ software without having to worry about uninstalled packages, corrupted environment, and the other pitfalls common to installing complex software packages on new machines. In order to get an account on this system, or if you have any other questions/comments/requests, please contact John Freeman at

Setting up ups

In order to set up ups on lbnedaqtest01, run the following command:

source /nusoft/app/externals/setup

To obtain a (long) list of all available packages/versions, run:

ups list -aK+

In general, it makes sense to pipe the command through a grep if a specific package is in mind, e.g.,

ups list -aK+ | grep boost

will list all available versions of the (highly useful) Boost C++ libraries. Depending on the package, there may be many rows which look, e.g., like

"boost" "v1_53_0" "Linux64bit+2.6-2.5" "e4:prof" "" 

Here, the first field is the name of the package, the second is the version, and the fourth is the qualifier. To set up the version/qualifier combo shown in the row above, you would type

setup boost v1_53_0 -q e4:prof

That's it. Some packages don't have a qualifier; if this is the case, just drop the "-q" option

Adding a software package

Often a situation comes up where new packages (or new versions of existing packages) will need to be added. In order add these to /nusoft/app/externals so they can then be set up as per the instructions above , please contact John Freeman, .