Useful information about ATCA shelf/RCEs installed at DAB

An ATCA shelf & COB with 8 RCEs are currently installed in DAB. Here are some details:

  • shelf connected to
  • shelf name: catawba
  • COB slot number: 2
  • DPM bay numbers: 0,1,2,3
  • DTM bay number: 4
  • RCE numbers (on each DPM): 0 or 2

Useful tools installed in ~lbnedaq/rce_sdk/bin on lbnedaq3:

  • atca_dump [shelf name]/[slot]/[bay]/[rce]: returns a bunch of info on an RCE address
    • atca_dump catawba/2/3/2
  • atca_ip [shelf name]/[slot]/[bay]/[rce]: returns IP address inline (useful for putting in command line calls)
    • ssh root@`atca_ip catawba/2/2/0`
The DAQ code is in ~lbnedaq/cob_nfs/35ton.
Some command line scripts in ~lbnedaq/cob_nfs/35ton/rceScripts:
  • : opens up single gui showing all 8 RCEs & DTM status & control
  • [host] [port] : opens gui for single RCE
    • rceScripts/ `atca_ip catawba/2/2/0` 8090 *

In order to

  • Some detailed recipe!