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John Freeman, 01/24/2017 11:28 PM

John Freeman, Jan-9-2016:

This wiki page used to contain instructions on how to run the classic DAQInterface application for the 35ton experiment. Since 35ton, DAQInterface has been modified, and is now designed for general use across all experiments. Getting it installed and running takes only a couple of minutes; see for how to do this. Note that the instructions assume that you're working with the artdaq-demo DAQ software package rather than protoDUNE's lbne-artdaq DAQ software package; consequently the following modifications to the instructions on the new DAQInterface wiki apply

  • After checking out artdaq-utilities-daqinterface, cd into it and run "git checkout protodune"; this will reduce the number of changes you'll need to make to tailor the package to your environment (e.g., it replaces references to artdaq-demo with references to lbne-artdaq, etc.)
  • Make sure you've already got the 35ton configuration repo checked out - i.e., that you've run "git clone" in the directory where you wish to install lbne-daq-config
  • Modify ./rc/control/ so that the "config_dirname" variable at the top of the "get_config_info_base" function refers to the full path of the 35ton configuration repo. The configuration you choose is defined by the subdirectory with the same name as the configuration of the checked-out configuration repo; this is different than the standard instructions, where rather than lbne-daq-config, a directory local to artdaq-utilities-daqinterface called "simple_test_config" is used.
  • Unlike in the standard instructions, the configuration you'll be using is called "demo_safemode" rather than "demo" ("demo" was already taken during 35ton). This is already accounted for in the ./bin/ script; however if you send a manual config transition you'll want to take this into account (i.e., you'll want to send "./bin/ config demo_safemode")

Besides this, following the instructions on the DAQInterface wiki will get you up and running with lbne-artdaq's ToySimulator- just keep in mind that where the documentation refers to artdaq-demo, you'll be working with lbne-artdaq.