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John Freeman, 06/01/2014 09:48 PM

Running DAQ Interface

DAQ Interface is designed to be run, along with rest of the run control code, on . To obtain an account on this system, contact John Freeman, . Once you have an account, you may do the following:

  • Check out the run control software:

    Simply execute

    git clone ssh://

  • Set up the environment:
    Just cd into lbnerc, and then execute
    source source_me
    This will set up the Python virtual environment needed by the LBNE RC code in the parent directory of lbnerc, in a directory call "env" (in other words, "env" and "lbnerc" are at the same level of the directory hierarchy on the system)
  • Start LBNE run control:
     lbnecontrol & 
    . Note this won't work if lbnecontrol is already running.
  • Start DAQ Interface:
     daqinterface -n daqint -r 5570 -c localhost -H localhost & 
    . Like lbnerc, this also won't work if daqinterface is already running
  • Take DAQ Interface through the standard transitions :

Fire up a new shell in which the artdaq processes are launched, and initialize them with FHiCL documents:

lbnecmd init daq

Start the toy fragment generator, which produces simulated CAEN board data, and plot the data using an Art module:

lbnecmd start daq

Halt the running of the DAQ:

lbnecmd stop daq

Kill all the artdaq processes:

lbnecmd terminate daq