Additional info on running DAQInterface at Oxford

JCF, Mar-3-2017: The instructions below are obsolete. Please go to the CERN Twiki at in order to see the current instructions.

The following are Oxford-specific instructions for running on RCEs on the Oxford teststand. They're valid as of this writing, Feb-19-2017.

- Open two terminals on pplxdaq05, logged in as "artdaq1"
- In both terminals, do the following:

cd artdaq-utilities-daqinterface
. source_me

-In terminal 1, launch DAQInterface simply by typing "DAQInterface"

-In terminal 2, type " 0"

-If you don't see any error messages in either terminal, the system is running. You can confirm this for yourself by looking at the logfile, which will be the most recent one in /tmp/pmt . In another terminal, "tail -f <logfilename>" will show the logfile updating in real time.

-When you want to stop running, in terminal 2, type "Ctrl-C"

In terminal 2, as things shut down, don't be concerned when you see a message that looks like the following:

Event count in saved metadata (-999) and event count in *.root files (<number of events saved in the *.root file>) don't agree

...this is a "known problem".

For the output of the run:

-The output *.root file is saved in /tmp
-The logfile, as mentioned above, is saved in /tmp/pmt
-A record of the run is saved in ~artdaq1/run_records/<run_number>

Changing things: is set up to run on just rce00. If you want it to run on rce01 as well, edit the line in ./bin/ which looks like:

  $scriptdir/ rce00

to look like
  $scriptdir/ rce00 rce01

-If you wish to change the lbne-artdaq package used, set the "DAQ directory" parameter in docs/config.txt to the base path of your lbne-artdaq installation (i.e., the path which contains setupLBNEARTDAQ).