Tracking plane

  • G4LBNF has the option to write out ntuples containing information about all particles passing through various virtual tracking planes placed in the simulation
  • These can be turned on by using one or more of the following macro commands, which should be executed at the idle stage (ie placed after /run/intiialize in the macro file)
    • /LBNE/run/TrackingPlaneHorn1output true (a 80x80 cm plane 2 cm downstream of the end of horn 1)
    • /LBNE/run/TrackingPlaneHorn2output true (a 400x400 cm plane 2 cm downstream of the end of horn 2)
    • /LBNE/run/TrackingPlaneDecayPipeoutput true (a 250x250 cm plane at the beginning of the decay pipe)
    • /LBNE/run/ParticlefromTargetoutput true
  • These will result in new ntuples added to the ntuple output file, called e.g. H1trackingdata, which contains branches:
    • nH1p: order in which the particle in question was added to the ntuple
    • trackID: gean4 track id of the particle passing through
    • pdgCode: pdg ID of the particle in question
    • H1ImpWeight: importance weight of event (all distributions must be weighted with this value)
    • H1positionX, H1positionY, H1positionZ: position where particle entered tracking plane, in centimeters. MCZero is origin and z axis runs along beamline
    • H1momentumdirX, H1momentumdirY, H1momentumdirZ: direction of particle's momentum when it entered the tracking plane
    • mass: mass of particle in MeV
    • energy: energy of particle in GeV
    • H1momentumX, H1momentumY, H1momentumZ: momentum in GeV
    • H1PXPZ: x momentum / z momentum
    • H1PYPZ: y momentum / z momentum
    • H1PProductionX, H1PProductionY, H1PProductionZ: parent production location in cm.
    • H1PmomentumdirX, H1PmomentumdirY, H1PmomentumdirZ: parent momentum direction at production