The release instructions

  • Checkout a fresh copy of the head of g4lbnf (assuming the head is what you want to tag as a release):
    git clone ssh:// <new_release_name>
  • cd <new_release_name>
  • cmake .
  • make all (to make sure the head builds at least -- ideally you've also done tests that nothing else has broken!)
  • emacs -nw ReleaseNotes.txt (update to say what has changed)
  • emacs -nw ProductionScripts/ (make <new_release_name> the default version to tag output files with)
  • emacs -nw ProductionScripts/ (ditto)
  • git add ReleaseNotes.txt ProductionScripts/ ProductionScripts/
  • git commit -m "Updating release notes and submission script for new release <new_release_name>"
  • git push
  • git tag -a <new_release_name> -m "G4LBNE Version <new_release_name>"
  • git tag (you should see your new tag at the end of the list)
  • git push --tags