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Zarko Pavlovic, 04/18/2019 09:14 AM

Beam Interface Working Group Task List

  • General Beam Simulation Tasks
    • Make G4LBNF include neutrinos from decay at rest
    • Add tau neutrinos to flux ntuples (requires interface with Pythia or similar)
    • G4LBNF Code Cleanup
    • Geometry updates - absorber, bafflet
  • Flux Uncertainties
    • Update PPFX so that it can produce a tuned flux, not just uncertainties on a tuned flux
    • Add uncertainty due to elastic scattering to DUNE Flux uncertainty budget
    • Add more data to PPFX
    • Study impact of assumed correlations in PPFX on DUNE flux uncertainties and uncertainties in near/far ratio
    • Make a complete suite of flux uncertainty for public talks
    • Compute flux uncertainties versus neutrino angle (a long-standing request of the near detector group)
  • Beam Design
    • Optimize beam for tau appearance using optimized horns
  • Muon Monitors
    • Sensitivity studies