Beam Documentation

The beam design as of Fall 2017 was documented in the Optimized Beam CDR (

Details on the Timing Structure

Main Injector RF frequency: 53 MHz
Main Injector cycle time: Varies with proton momentum -- 1.2 s 120 GeV, 0.7 s 60 GeV
Main Injector Batches/Spill: 6 (slip stacked - i.e. 6 Booster batches stacked on top of 6 Booster batches - this is to increase intensity per batch)
Batch duration: 1.582 microseconds
Buckets/batch: 84 (2-3 will be empty)
Bucket width: 3.5 ns
Spill duration: 9.7 microseconds
Gap between batches: 38ns

More detail on the timing (from NuMI) is in Figure 2 at